Scout R/C Autogyro Kit

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The Kit. CAD-Designed. CNC-Manufactured.

The Scout replaces our popular PT Profile gyro copter. We made several improvements including simplified servo mounting on the profile fuselage, a wider and longer main landing gear for improved ground handling, and now includes a complete hardware package. Perhaps the biggest change is the insanely better looks! The styling of the Scout puts the PT Profile to shame. The kit is a CAD designed, CNC manufactured Fun Fly radio controlled auto gyro. It was designed from the ground up as an electric powered gyro copter. The Scout is an affordable, easy to fly,quick build project.

The Scout is designed to be a very stable, forgiving auto gyro with excellent performance. It was designed and tested to be capable of flying in winds up to 15 mph and to ROG (rotate off ground) for takeoff's. No hand launches are needed with the Scout.

By using CNC equipment, design tolerances are very tight and performance is duplicated kit to kit.

The kit comes complete with Aerobalsa high performance SG6042 blades, a complete hardware package, a 19 page instruction manual and six 11 x 17 CAD drawing sheets.


  • Motor Size
    E-Flite Power 15 or 300 watt equivalent
  • Head Design
    FlyingBalsa Generation IV, 15 deg Delta 3 "Ninja"
  • Rotor Airfoil
    Aerobalsa high performance SG6042
  • RTF Weight
    33 ounces with recommended equipment
  • Rotor Diameter
  • Overall Length