** AeroBalsa Brand ** 2-3/4" x 24" Rotor Blades for Scratchbuilders (four pack)

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The Kit. CAD-Designed. CNC-Manufactured.

Aerobalsa Rotor Blades are available again!

FlyingBalsa, LLC has purchased all of the rotor blade manufacturing tooling from Aerobalsa, LLC and will continue to manufacture this excellent line of rotor blades for R/C gyrocopters.

2-3/4" x 24" SG6042 airfoil with a basswood leading edge laminated to a balsa core. Perfect for rotor blades on R/C autogyros! Sold in sets of four.


  • Motor Size
  • Head Design
  • Rotor Airfoil
  • RTF Weight
  • Rotor Diameter
  • Overall Length